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We believe technology is the leverage that adds an exponential factor to your business. Let us join your team and build an impactful product together.

What is your challenge?

No matter if you aim to build a new startup, develop your product or implement AI, you are probably considering two options of covering the tech side of your business: building your internal team of developers or outsourcing. Both options are bad and here is why:

AI Solutions

Product Design

AI-driven Mobile/Web app

Plathform Development

ML Consulting

MVP of AI-based Product

Building an internal team is expensive and time-consuming

It can cost over $30k and takes 42 days on average to hire one developer Apart from the time and money aspect, you are facing rigid competition in the tech talent pool – competing with tech giants such as Google and Facebook.

Outsourcing tech is a high-risk commitment

Traditional outsourcing companies often focus on delivering tasks rather than commit to product success. It may be difficult to iterate and change the scope of the project – and the average cost of custom product development is $250k.

So what's the alternative?

It’s time for you to focus on growing your business, while we take care of building your software. Working on over 50 projects on 5 continents and building 3 VC-founded startups of our own, we developed an approach that we call the tech partnership.
The tech partnership sets higher web development standards than an average software development agency, with developers taking responsibility for your project, challenging your ideas & assumptions, focusing on building the right features and testing them with users, and acting as a genuine part of your team.
Excellent code quality and work ethics. We achieved more than we were hoping to thanks to the technical skills and proactive attitude of the developer who explored and implemented solutions that are a much better fit to our needs than what was presented to him as an explicit requirement from us.
Stefano Goria, CTO of Thymia

We're Tech Partners for:

Boosting intuitiveness with a brand new UI/UX design

From discovering end-users’ needs, through building wireframes and implementing the new design, to increasing app’s usability and intuitiveness.

Boosting intuitiveness with a brand new UI/UX design

From discovering end-users’ needs, through building wireframes and implementing the new design, to increasing app’s usability and intuitiveness.

Do you like our work?

Do you like our work?

Let’s talk about your project!

How we work

Know what to expect ahead of time – from the first call we have to launching your product.


Share your challenges and project details with us during a 30-minute exploratory call with our team and receive our recommendations on how to proceed with your project.

Thanks to the expertise that the SITKA team brought to the table, the company was able to complete the project faster and at a better cost. They did this by using advanced and transparent methodologies that were trustworthy, responsive, friendly, and professional.
William Rehm / Founder & CEO, Deedstack Inc

Freedom and responsibility in software development

We grow a culture of freedom and responsibility. With a fundamental trust, we let our people make their own choices and take full ownership of their goals.
We believe that your success is driven by the success of your users, that’s why we will challenge your assumptions and push you to test them with the market.

Learn more about us

They take ownership of what they’re doing and approach tasks professionally. They take a creative approach to problem-solving, without compromising the quality of code.
CRO / Software Development Company

How do we do custom software development?

The aim is to bring value to you and your customers as soon as possible. Building more than 100 digital products, we have developed a proven and repeatable process of delivering high-quality software.

Cooperation Manual

To streamline communication working with clients from different time zones, we have developed a cooperation manual. This document defines daily standups, meetings, calls, and communication tools used – all this with the aim to create a frictionless communication between us when working remotely.

SITKA VS other agencies

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AI & Analytics: Trends 2021-2022 and Market Research

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